Happy Drinkingdays! I mean Holidays!


I can’t count the times i heard my friends say how badly they wanted to spend their holidays drinking, ending up wasted and wanting to repeat that kind of fun as much as posible. I even considered the idea and tried it on Christmas Eve… I failed.
I didn’t fail because of my lack of alcoholic experience (I do have one), I was actually trying to save many mosquitoes of being hungover on Christmas day. Either that or Cocoyoc is not the place for me to drink.

I woke up the next day with just one thought in mind: I had no responsabilities, and most important, we had beers and tequila. So, I began with my only task, which was to achieve “fun”.
I was doing a hard work lying next to the pool, getting tanned, enjoying something similar to a bloody mary, when my little cousin asked me to play volleyball with him. What did I say?
I just closed my eyes again. And while I was expecting the sun to tan me but to keep the ice in my beverage unmelted, I was listening to my cousin laugh. He was laughing hard and I felt a bit jelous. I was also trying to have fun but I wasn’t even smiling.

That was the moment when I realized that growing up kind of sucks. Just a couple of years ago I was a little girl playing on her own because older people were busy doing “grown up things” and I just couldn’t help thinking how boring they were lying there, doing nothing at all. It turns out they were actually trying to have their fun. I felt pretty bad and I decided to stand up and play with my cousin. Yes, I like drinking. However, I stopped that day after playing volleyball for a while.

That same day my uncle and I sat down while everybody was “having fun”. I had never laughed so much. He was making fun of me, which was the reason why I almost needed to change my pants. Yeah… He is THAT funny.

I already knew that drinking is not equals fun. The time I spent with my family this Christmas just reminded me how foolish of us (young people) it is to spend health, money and time on alcohol so often. What I really needed in order to have fun was to be with the ones I love, the ones that are alive, healthy and with me.

My conclusion is that even though we love partying and going out with our friends, there is one moment in everyone’s life when they have to be aware of time. We might be young and have the perfect age to go out and enjoy that. But we can also regret that we didn’t know how to balance our time and energy. That could happen tomorrow, next week or in ten years.
Enjoy what you have now and use alcohol wisely.

Happy New Year to my family, my friends and the ones who read this!

I love you.


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  1. This is one of the most thought-provoking, wise and moving postings I´ve ever read coming from a teenager. I really wish more youngsters thought the way Romina does. This posting confirms what I´ve known all along: She is not only beautiful and a damn awesome writer but very wise as well.

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